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We registered me, my 3 sisters and our kids so we can go to the gym together. We chose the one on bridlewood mall, close to my sisters place but a little far from my home.

My husband dropped us there and left to come and pick us up in one hour. The employee behind the desk ( her name is Kelechi Ofota) refused to let me in because my keys didnt work from the first time ( you have to be very quick to enter otherwise you can't go inside. My sisters begged her to let me in so I don't spend the time outside by myself( it was 10:00 PM). She refused because according to her it's against the policy.

We had to wait all of us outside because my sisters felt bad leaving me outside alone. She was very rude and not supportive. When I asked her for her name she said do you want me to write it down??.

I can't believe how they can hire a person who has no manner and not able to speak nicely to customers. I am very upset and and disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fit4Less Canada Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So because they were following policy they are the worst ever? Every place you go to has a certain policy that needs to be followed or you get fired.

It was not her fault you couldn't manage to get in the proper way.

Next time do it right and this won't happen. You are totally at fault here!!

to Letitgo Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1319228

You decide to leave a woman outside alone at night because of some idiotic technicality and anything happens you'll quickly find out who is at fault there.

I mean sure you *can* surrender your brain to cubicle drone dementia, but really you shouldn't.

Massillon, Ohio, United States #1306931

Awful. Shame on them - rename the place Unfit4anything ....

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